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SGR Audio

SGR Audio was born out of a love of music and a fascination with its purest possible reproduction, free from extraneous noise and distortion. Our purpose is to continually transcend the technical limitations of the day in order to create market-leading loudspeakers for the most discerning of listeners & music purists.

Audio Fidelity

Our team of life-long, music-obsessed audiophiles draw upon their deep passion & years of experience to assemble music playback systems of unmatched fidelity. Each link in the audio chain is selected with great care from manufacturers who adhere to Audio Fidelity’s goal of bringing you, the listener, closest to the original sound.


AudibleHQ is an Australian software engineering firm focused on building OEM solutions for the identification, playback & distribution of digital music. Disillusioned by the available software solutions to accurately identify digital music, the Audible HQ team is now revolutionising the digital music experience.