SGR Corporation is an Australian owned holding company for a number of audio companies. Our brands include:


SGR Audio “Complete high-end solutions for music”


SGR Audio was born out of a love of music and a fascination with its purest possible reproduction, free from extraneous noise and distortion. Thus, the original goal was to transcend the technical limitations of the day in order to create market-leading loudspeakers for the most discerning listeners.

The owner, Stuart Graeme Ralston began experimenting with speaker designs over 16 years ago, trialling many variants of cabinetry, drivers, crossover networks, and aesthetics in pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker.

Today, SGR Audio is a prominent manufacturer of high-end audio equipment with a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility based in Melbourne, and a global distribution network which covers markets in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Asia.


Audio Fidelity “Bringing you closest to the original sound”

Audio Fidelity Logo

Close your eyes and listen as the music unfolds right before your ears with a tailored audio solution from Audio Fidelity Australia. Our team of life-long, music-obsessed audiophiles draw upon their deep passion and years of experience to assemble music playback systems of unmatched fidelity to the recording. Each link in the audio chain is selected with great care from manufacturers who adhere to Audio Fidelity’s goal of bringing you, the listener, closest to the original sound. These manufacturers are all recognised experts in their respective fields; their talents consistently acknowledged and awarded by the most respected audio critics in the world. Auditions are available by appointment only in order to provide our discerning clients with the most personalised service.


The Loudspeaker Kit “Australia’s No. 1 source for DIY kits and components”


High Fidelity sound should be able to be appreciated by all. LSK is an Australian business dedicated to providing excellent DIY speaker kits and great value audio components for stereo and home theatre enthusiasts. Typically, Hi-Fi products often command a ‘luxury’ price tag, but LSK bucks that trend by providing high quality solutions at a price anyone can afford.

In 2012, ownership was transferred to Melbourne’s SGR Corporation P/L, the parent company for a number of successful entities but most well known in the audio scene for its high-end design and manufacturing division known as SGR Audio. LSK now operates from dedicated facilities in Melbourne, where all speaker kits are designed and built in-house. LSK has extensive warehouse facilities, holds stock, and ships globally on a daily basis.

We offer far more than just DIY kits. We also sell a great range of acoustic treatment products, amplifiers and many other products ranging from drivers, parts, cables and spikes. We are the Australian distributors for Dayton Audio and resellers for many popular loudspeaker driver brands such as Scan Speak and SB Acoustics.


Audible HQ

Audible_HQ_Large EDITED FONT

AudibleHQ is an Australian software engineering firm focused on building OEM solutions for the identification, playback, and distribution of digital music.

In 2010, disillusioned by the available software solutions to accurately identify digital music, Stuart Graeme Ralston (CEO of SGR Corp) teamed up with long time friend and colleague Aditya Caprihan to revolutionise an audiophile’s complete digital music experience. After years of development, in 2014, AudibleDNA was born. The most responsive and adaptable cloud based metadata database, and arguably the only metadata service with the ability to accurately model the classical music genre.

Realising the superiority of AudibleDNA’s methods over the flawed identification techniques that have plagued consumers since the early 1990s’, a handful of high-end audio OEM’s have now partnered with AudibleHQ to deliver products that inspire and are finally a pleasure to use.

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